Inhouseday at Alliander (Dutch only)

Alliander organiseert een inhousedag op 14 september. Deze is vrij toegankelijk voor iedereen met interesse in het bedrijf. Op deze dag maak je kennis met Alliander en alle verschillende traineeships.…

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Internship at TenneT (Dutch only)

Since the Dutch language is a requirement to apply, the texts is in Dutch. Bij TenneT zijn ze op zoek naar een Stagiair Market Review, wat inhoudt dat je meewerkt…

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Vacancy at Qing Consultancy

Qing Consultancy asked us to share the vacancy of Junior Consultant with you. More information can be found in the attached file or in the following youtube video: 

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Internship opportunity at Tennet

TenneT has asked us to share their interesting internship vacancy as an Electricity Market reviewer. In this function, you get the task to study last year's developments in the North-West…

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NRG talk: Priogen Energy Trading Game

Priogen’s business operations focus on trading, sourcing and optimising European power & natural gas and will give insight in its operations with a trading game on October 12th on 11:00. For an independent…

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New year 2016-2017 information

Hello new Energy Science students, The new year is almost upon us, and if everything is correct then you should have received an information email concerning the introduction by Utrecht…

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Vacature Stagiar/Scriptie Stroommarkten

Hello everyone, we would like to share an interesting Dutch internship vacancy with you guys. Windunie wil haar kennis op het gebied van de energiemarkt uitbreiden. Daartoe zijn we opzoek…

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Vacancy at Northpool

Northpool is a commody trading company looking for trade analysts. More information is available in the vacancy below.

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NRG Talk

On May 27th, the first NRG talk organised by the NRG board will be held at Ruppert 125 at 17:00. It will shine light on a technology you all are probably…

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Inhouseday Alliander

April 1st, we were invited by our main sponsor, Alliander, to visit their new office in Duiven. During this inhouseday, we received a clear introduction to the company, an interesting…

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