On this page you can find useful links to courses that can be followed outside Utrecht University. Note that admission cannot be guaranteed. The exam committee does not meet up very often, so apply for admission in advance.


Once you finished your course, your grades need to be printed out, signed and stamped at the guest university. After this you need to bring the form to the Study Point Geosciences (ground floor Unnik Building), where they import the grades in Osiris. You can visit Utrecht University’s website for more information.

TU Delft
Overview energy related courses

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University of Groningen
Overview energy related courses

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TU Eindhoven
Overview energy related courses

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Courses that have been approved:

Utrecht University

The list of pre-approved electives for the System Analysis (SA) and Natural Science (NS) tracks can be seen below. Alternatively, you can use the course planner to plan your curriculum. Please note that there are new rules for choosing your electives.

Period 1

  • GEO4-2502: Energy Conversion Technologies 1 (SA/NS)
  • GEO4-2514: Energy in the Context of Sustainability (SA/NS)
  • INFODM: Data Mining (SA/NS)
  • INFOMDSS: Data Science and Society (SA/NS)
  • GEO4-2522: Energy in the Built Environment (SA/NS)
  • GEO4-2323: Environmental Ethics and Sustainability Development (SA/NS)
  • GEO4-2306: Foundation of Earth System Governance Research (SA/NS)
  • GEO4-2310: Global Environmental Change (SA/NS)
  • GEO4-2259: Innometrics (SA/NS)
  • GEO4-2268: Innovation Management (SA/NS)
  • GEO4-1405: Paleoceanography and Climate Variability (SA)
  • GEO4-1434:  Principles of Groundwater Flow (NS)
  • GEO4-6008: Sustainable Water Resources Management (SA/NS)

Period 2

  • GEO4-2508: Advanced Energy Analysis (SA/NS)
  • GEO4-2503: Energy Conversion Technologies 2 (SA/NS)
  • GEO4-2338: Circular Economy (SA/NS)
  • GEO4-2327: Climate Systems and Adaptation (SA/NS)
  • INFOMCM: Cognitive Modelling (SA)
  • GEO4-2604: Governance and Change Management for Sustainability (SA/NS)
  • GEO4-3918: Healthy Cities (SA/NS)
  • GEO4-2257: Innovation System and Processes (SA/NS)
  • GEO4-3519: Migration, Mobilities and Sustainable Futures (SA)
  • GEO4-2270: Quantitative Innovation Analytics (SA/NS)
  • GEO4-6001: Quantitative Water Management (SA/NS)
  • SK-MSOLS:  Solids and Surfaces (NS)
  • GEO4-2005: Sustainable Food Systems (SA/NS)
  • GEO4-3121: Urban Infrastructures (SA)

Period 3

  • GEO4-2515: Energy System Modelling (SA/NS)
  • GEO4-2521: Bio-Based Economy (SA/NS)
  • GEO4-4403: Coastal Zone and River Management (SA)
  • INFOMCTH: Computational Thinking (SA)
  • GEO4-1425: Earth Mineral Resources (NS)
  • GEO4-2303: Environmental Systems Analysis (SA/NS)
  • GEO4-1452: Marine Sciences Oceans Law and Policy (SA)
  • GEO4-1410: Mechanisms of Deformation and Transport in Rocks (NS)
  • INFOMAS: Multi Agent System (SA/NS)
  • GEO4-2260: Qualitative Innovation Analytics (SA/NS)
  • GEO4-2258: Societal Challenges & Innovation Theory (SA/NS)
  • GEO4-2603: Toolbox 2: CS Implementation: theory and practise (SA/NS)

Period 4

  • GEO4-2519: Consultancy Project (SA)
  • GEO4-2305: International Governance for Sustainable Development (SA/NS)
  • GEO4-2513: Photovoltaic Solar Energy Physics and Technology (SA/NS)
  • GEO4-2311: Policies for Energy & Materials Transitions (SA/NS)

Other universities

TU Delft, Netherlands:

  • AE3W02TU: Introduction to Wind Energy (4 EC)
  • AE4W20: Wind Power (3 EC)
  • AE4T40: Kite Power and propulsion (3 EC)

Chalmers Technological University, Sweden:

  • EEK201: Power Market Management (7.5 EC)

TU Berlin, Germany:

  • Baukonstruktionen – Bauphysik und Baustoffe.
  • Gebäudetechnik 1.
  • Projekt 1 “Labor Gebäudetechnik.
  • Architektur und Energie.
  • Baurecht und Bauökonomie
  • Baukonstruktionen – Energetische Bilanzierung
  • Facility Management
  • Projekt III: Entwurf und Planung von Energieversorgungssystemen
  • Aspekte der Nachhaltigkeit im Bereich „Bauen“
  • Innovationsmanagement/Projektmanagement undentwicklung
  • Ringvorlesung