Via this link one can see the possible Master Thesis subjects offered by Utrecht University;

More information can be found on Blackboard in the Energy Science community page.

Furthermore Energy Science students have found various thesis subjects by contacting external universities and institutions, such as Fraunhofer ISI, ETH Zurich, Belgium Natural Science Institute etc. You can find an overview of what your fellow students have researched in their thesis here.

If you want to go abroad, start orientating at least a few months in advance.

Once you have found something or still haven’t found a starting point, contact Andrea Ramirez (Systems Analysis) or Wilfried van Sark (Natural Science), who will help you out.

Student presentations

It is also obligatory to attend 10 thesis presentations before you can graduate. E-mails are distributed 5-7 days in advance, depending on the input from the students. Do not forget to sign the attendance form!