Utrecht Energy Day is hosted by Study Association NRG and Study Association NWSV Helix. If you have questions about this event, feel free to mail NRG ( or Helix (

Locations and adresses

To be confirmed! We will share updates as soon as available.

Address Victor J. Koningsbergergebouw

Budapestlaan 4a-b,

3584 CD, Utrecht


Address Minnaertgebouw

Leuvenlaan 4,

3584 CE, Utrecht


Address Buys Ballotgebouw

Princetonplein 5,

3584 CC, Utrecht

How to get to the Utrecht Energy Day

By Bike: By (OV-)bike is by far the easiest option. You can park your bicycle under Victor J. Koningsbergergebouw.

By Bus: If the bike is not an option, take Bus 28 and get off at Bushalte Botanische Tuinen. From there it is a 5 min walk. (fastest public transportation option)

By Tram: Take Tram 22 and get off at Halte Padualaan. From there it is a 8 min walk.

By Car: If you want to go by car (not recommended), you can park your car opposite of Minnaertgebouw (Parkeerterrein P6 – Padualaan). Be aware, the parking lot is often full and is quite expensive.

Locations UED