Utrecht Energy Day is hosted by Study Association NRG and Study Association NWSV Helix. If you have questions about this event, feel free to mail NRG ( or Helix (

Locations and adresses

The opening of Utrecht Energy will take place at the Koningsbergergebouw of Utrecht Science Park (The Uithof). The rest of the day will be hosted in the Minnaert and Buys Ballot buildings. All the buildings are located next to and connected with each other.

Address Victor J. Koningsbergergebouw

Budapestlaan 4a-b,

3584 CD, Utrecht


Address Minnaertgebouw

Leuvenlaan 4,

3584 CE, Utrecht


Address Buys Ballotgebouw

Princetonplein 5,

3584 CC, Utrecht

How to get to the Utrecht Energy Day

By Bike: By (OV-)bike is by far the easiest option. You can park your bicycle under Victor J. Koningsbergergebouw.

By Bus: If the bike is not an option, take Bus 28 and get off at Bushalte Botanische Tuinen. From there it is a 5 min walk. (fastest public transportation option)

By Tram: Take Tram 22 and get off at Halte Padualaan. From there it is a 8 min walk.

By Car: If you want to go by car (not recommended), you can park your car opposite of Minnaertgebouw (Parkeerterrein P6 – Padualaan). Be aware, the parking lot is often full and is quite expensive.

Locations UED