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Study Association NRG

Connecting Energy Science students since 2010

Energy Science Master

Renowned programme in renewable energy systems analysis and modelling at Utrecht University.

Industry oriented

We work with our partners to help them hire the talent needed to make the energy transition happen.

Student Community

We create a strong network of students and alumni who stay connected even long after they finish their master.

Energy Science

NRG is the association of students studying the two year master Energy Science at Utrecht University. The focus lies on the analysis and modelling of energy systems, from the European scale all the way to individual power plants. The programme is interdisciplinary, meaning that students apply economic, regulatory and social perspectives along side the technical and engineering perspectives.


NRG works together with companies in the renewable energy sector. We aim to connect students and industry players early on to help students orient themselves in the rapidly evolving sector, and for companies to find and hire new talent. Many of our members end up doing an internship or working at one of our partner companies.

What we Offer

During the year NRG organises many different events in which companies can participate. Students visit company offices during in house days and companies visit the university to give lunch lectures. We also organise the Utrecht Energy Day, a career event with 80 students and a dozen companies. Contact us to find out what we can do for your organisation.

Board 2024-2025

Each year a different student board leads the association. This year the board consists of: (l-r) Aurelia Darmoutomo, Rhea Melwani, Peter Mock, and Hessel Roodenburg. Feel free to get in contact with us for any questions related to NRG and what we can do for you.

Our Partners

Contact us to find out what we can do for your organisation!

Feel free to reach out to discuss the options which we can offer to get you in contact with our talented students