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– Inhouse Day at TenneT – 

Last Monday, NRG went to TenneT for an Inhouse Day of one of our biggest partners. The day started with a presentation from Jaap Hagen on TenneT and its role as a Transmission System Operator. This was followed by a presentation by Maartje van Gelder and the possibilities for working at TenneT. After a lovely lunch, a case study was done by the attendees under supervision of one of TenneT’s senior managers, Gineke Van Dijk. The case study highlighted the problems concerning blackouts and its consequences. At the end of the case study even a price was granted to one of our members. The day ended with drinks with some employees and interns of TenneT, of whom some were NRG members and alumni.

Thank you very much, TenneT, we had a great day. Until next year!