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Meet the 2021 NRG Board!

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On February 17th, the NRG study association installed a new board for the coming year, and we are very excited to share with you who we are. We are all facing many challenges in relation to COVID-19 and we are hoping to make 2021-2022 a great year to make up for all the events that were not possible to carry out.

Julia Vido, Chair

I am Brazilian and completed my bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering in the US. I identified myself completely with the approach of the Energy Science Master’s program and am thrilled to be studying here in Utrecht and representing the students via the NRG study association.

Nikolaus Kelnreiter, Treasurer

Hi! I’m Niko, Austrian, and have been living in the Netherlands for 5.5 years now; volunteering, studying and working. I am now doing my master’s in Energy Science and am really excited about the possibilities this study will bring to help tackle climate change by solving the energy problems of this world. I am also very happy to represent Energy Science students through my role in NRG and to help organize events, be in touch with stakeholders, and make sure the money is well-spent.

Pablo Chattopadhyay, Educational Commissioner

I am Indian and have completed my undergrad in electrical and electronics engineering from India. I am now exploring the academic and career possibilities in the vast field of the energy sector. I believe that this master’s program offers me abundant knowledge to help me reach my ambitions of contributing to a sustainable future. Studying at Utrecht University was my first international experience and am looking forward to continuing my adventure in this beautiful city!

Mark van der Boor, Secretary

I am Dutch and grew up abroad in Madrid, Spain. I came to the Netherlands and completed my bachelor’s at University College Utrecht. I am very happy to be studying Energy Science as I think it will be very relevant for the future.

We would like to thank our sponsors and the Energy Science faculty as we hope to continue to strengthen our partnerships.

Finally, we would not be here if it weren’t for the efforts of the previous boards, especially the 2020 Board. They faced a unique scenario and were able to maintain good relationships between students, companies, and the university.