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Northpool – Junior Energy Analyst

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You have an analytical mind and superb mathematical instincts. You can not rest until you solve
a puzzle and understand what is going on. Are you intrigued by complex systems, and do you
want to see direct results of your knowledge? Become a Junior Energy Analyst! Northpool is the
perfect place to turn your analytical insights into direct results.

Grasp The Opportunity

To make the right trading decisions, it is essential to know the fundamental market situation and
figure out the reasons markets trade a certain way, who are the market parties and what they
need to trade. As an (Junior) Energy Analyst you will be at the forefront of the energy transition
and will master the challenges required to team up with the traders on the trading desk.
As an (Junior) Energy Analyst you will sit side-by-side with a seasoned trader, who will turn your
natural talents into well-defined skills for the energy market. You will learn what factors drive the
energy market, and how to assess them to identify the best trading opportunities. Do you love
working with large datasets and models? Great. Because we expect you to work with the team to
optimize our trading models and strategies.
In addition to your work on the daily shifts assisting the traders, you will use your time to develop
and further optimize the trading models used on the desk. In close cooperation with the Data
Engineers and/or Data Scientists you will crack the raw data into usable information for the
Your challenge? To pinpoint the fundamental aspects that move the energy markets. You will be
challenged to deliver to your best performance.
Your goal? Using your excellent analytical skills to outperform this competitive market and
increase the efficiency of the energy markets.
As a Junior Energy Analyst, you will learn the main drivers of the energy markets. In the first two
months you will be educated on the basics, to make predictions of daily market movements and
use your skills to assist the trader to make the best calculated risks. After four months you will
work independently as support for the trader on the desk.

Off the desk you will focus on the ‘burning questions’ that need to be answered, push further in
optimizing the current trading tools or create new tools to better monitor the market
The role as Energy Analyst is diverse, from supporting the traders on the desk to communicating
with the Data Engineers and Scientists to optimize data flows. Being an Energy Analyst requires
dedication and devotion to excel in analytical quests for beating the markets.

We Ask:

  • Outstanding analytical and mathematical skills
  • Logical reason & problem-solving attitude
  • An analytical or quantitative degree at MSc level
  • Willing to work in the evenings and weekends
  • Good social and communication skills
  • Responsible & self sufficient
  • Maximum of three years of work experience

We Like:

  • Knowledge of energy markets and/or sustainable energy
  • Affinity for meteorology
  • A fast learner
  • Excellent programming skills
  • Pro-active and flexible work mentality
  • Proven experience in data analysis
  • Interest in trading

We Offer:

  • Training, continuous learning and development opportunities
  • Competitive compensation package
  • Annual performance-based bonuses
  • A non-hierarchical workplace
  • Young and highly motivated teammates
  • A career in trading
  • Ownership in your work
  • A fun workplace, where no two days are ever the same
  • Plenty of social events!