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NRG talk: Priogen Energy Trading Game

Priogen’s business operations focus on trading, sourcing and optimising European power & natural gas and will give insight in its operations with a trading game on October 12th on 11:00.

For an independent trading company such as Priogen, understanding how certain events influence supply and demand of electricity is vital in forecasting the price accurately. During this case, the students will first take the role of a Priogen research team and determine which way the power price in a specific market will likely move. Once the research department has determined the expected price move as a result of certain events, it is up to the trading desks to implement this knowledge. The students will thus, take the role of a Priogen trading desk and trade intraday power (power with delivery less than a day away). The task is to interpret market information quickly and react in the best way given the nature of the event, the market, and the company position. Intraday power is a highly volatile product, so you should see plenty of price movement! The students will be responsible for making the correct trading decisions, managing their position and risk, and ensuring that their position is back to zero before the market closes.

It will take around 2.5 hours and is a offers an insight into the specialisation of working with the energy trading market. Priogen set a limit of 25 students to ensure a good flow for this trading game. To ensure a spot for this game, please send an email to If more than 25 people want to join then the people who responded to this email are definitely allowed to participate.